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neoamd said:
1995 Lexus SC300 NA-T
15lbs = Numbers coming soon.
60' 2.315 / 1/4 13.441 / MPH 111.52 / 11.2lbs spike to 13.6 in 4th 10.5 AFR
BL 67 p-trim Turbo Kit/2mm Greddy HG/HKS SSQ/VPC/S-AFC/HKS EVC5/Zeitronix Wideband/550cc/Walbro FP/TT Front Brakes/TT Rims/3 inch DP/Electronic Cutout/ACT 6 puck clutch
*New Toy*
not bad. I'm liking the trap speed.

If im not should be able to crack 12's with that knd of trap speed. Work on getting your 60' times lower and I don't doubt you'll be in the 12's.

Good job and good luck,
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