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95 tt supra 6sp TOO SLOW

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Hey whats up. I got a 6sp 95 with under 20000 miles. I modded it w/bov,boost controller Hks evcez,downpipe,exhaust, intake, fcd, Nitto Drag Radials(275"s). Problem is when we time it 0-60 we can't get below 4.9 at 20 psi of boost. Not to mention it's mid 5 second with boost controller off. Does the car need to be broke in? Please don't be a retard and say I can't drive a 6sp. The problem seems to be when I launch the car at 35-4000 rpm's it bogs. I'm sure everythings hooked up right. I feel like I'm slipping the clutch correctly. Any suggestions? Stock its 4.9. The car was driven by a old man and might not be broke in, anybody agree??? TOMS SUPRA
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At 20K miles the car is broken in. Did you remember to turn off traction control? What are you using to measure your 0-60 time, maybe its only good for comparison purposes between runs on the same device (you can't compare a gtech run an a magazine run).

If its not the traction control and you are bogging on the launch its probably driver error.
Your not launching it properly..Trust me! You need to try launching between 5500 and 6500. It takes alot of practice....

modded 95 too slow

I forgot to mention I have the traction fuse out! I will try launching at higher rpm's. I used a stopwatch with the passenger timing it. So bogging arond 35-4000 rpm's is normal? Thanks!
With a stopwatch!? What?! LOL!
Oh, boy a stopwatch huh? -sounds pretty accurate, but you may wanna throw down the $139.95 and get a G-Tech...
whats wrong with that

Hey soup whats wrong with a stopwatch? Is it that bad? I don't make fun of your funny name green in my soup.L.O.LOUDER!!!
Re: whats wrong with that

modded95 said:
Hey soup whats wrong with a stopwatch?
u guys wanna know how i timed my maxima's 0-60mphs??
well, use ur cd player guys!! have ur freind or wutever start it when you start going ...and when you yell 60! he stops it! now thats ghetto!!! now..with the supra..i'll try a stopwatch!!
modded 95 Phillip 2 step

Hey what about a Phillip 2 step for launching. Does it really work? Anyone got one here? Thanks
Re: whats wrong with that

modded95 said:
Hey soup whats wrong with a stopwatch? Is it that bad? I don't make fun of your funny name green in my soup.L.O.LOUDER!!!
I was laughing because timing 0-60 times with a stopwatch is not nearly accurate enough to measure 0-60 times down to a tenth of a second. The best accuracy you could hope for would be ~1 second no matter what it says on the stopwatch. Comparing a stopwatch time with a magazine time is completely ridiculous (they have thousands in equipment, a controlled track environment and are accurate to at least 1/100 of a second to quote 1/10 second accuracy). Would you measure the distance between Los Angeles and Florida with a ruler?

So if your stopwatch shows 5 seconds 0-60, what you really know is that you went 0-60 anywhere from 4-7 seconds. That doesn't really tell you all that much unless you do it many many times (like in the dozens). Then you can only use those times to compare to new times (and even then it won't be accurate since air temperature, street condition etc... make a big difference too)
Stopwatch Error!

The stopwatch has way too many shortcomings to be accurate.

1. Human error and reaction time in starting and stopping the watch is variable at best.
2. Using the speedometer as a mph reference when it is NEVER accurate enough for these purposes.
3. Impossible to operate a watch when performance driving , so the weight of another passenger slows the vehicle.

The G-Tech is really the poor man's only way to get these numbers in a fairly accurate fashion. But, road surface, weather, octane, boost, etc all affect the times so it is difficult to make a comparison of modifications unless all other variables stay exactly the same. Even a full tank of gas will change the 0-60 times when compared with an empty tank run.
modded reply

Now these answers make sense! I'll get a G-Tech and go to the track. Appreciate the education on a subject I knew little about! Thanks.
if you bog on the luanch then you need to luanch at a higher RPM. ideally you want to luanch over 4500RPM's because you will already have both turbos on line. There is a fine line between bogging and lighting the tires up. You want to luanch at as high rpm's as you can without spinning too much, you also have to slip the cultch a bit to get a really good luanch. keep practicing it's not as easy as you think it would be.
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