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95 turbo parts

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if possible I would like to get a price on the following

Valve cover gaskets - both
starter - 6 speed
trans fill plug - also v160
Trd thermostat and gaskets

Thanks in advance

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11213-46020 Gasket, Vc List 13.65 Cost 10.25
11214-46011 Gasket, Vc List 13.65 Cost 10.25
28100-46140-84 Reman Starter List 239.95 Cost 179.96 + 30.00 Core
90080-34012 Plug, Fill List 3.13 Cost 2.35
Ptr04-00008 Trd Tstat & Gskt List 79.95 Cost 73.31 On B/o
how much for everything except the starter and t-stat + gasket shipped to 34446

Sorry about any extra junk that's posting I'm on my phone

Thanks again
Add 8.50 To The Items You Need For Shipping.
How long will the t-stat be on back order?

I would like to order most of the parts today if possible...

Thanks again
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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