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Hey guys i am looking for a 97-98 Toyota Supra twin turbo with the 6 speed tranny and is relatively stock. I am looking for a quicksilver or black. I am coming for a whole line of cars from Evos to M3s and S4's i am selling my 2nd evo right now and as soon as i find that perfect supra i will be purchasing. I want as low of miles as possible, under 40k preferbly. My price range i am trying to stay in is around $45k or so, give or take of course. I hope to be making the purchase soon but am in no rush also, i want to find the perfect supra. Thank you in advance, and i hope to find some good cars.

Also i am located just north of Baltimore in Maryland. Closer the better but if the right one is far away i could pick it up.
Thanks again.

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I am strongly considering selling my Supra.

It is a cream-puff, 1995 Supra Twin Turbo, 6-speed with 19,XXX original miles. I am the second owner of this car, which I purchased from the original owner in April of 2001. I still have the original window sticker, which listed and sold new for over $50,000. This car has never seen rain, never been in an accident, has no paint or body work and is dent/ding free. The car sits covered in my garage and is driven once a month on sunny day.

The car is white with black-on-black leather interior, targa top, single CD/tape, power driver’s seat. The car is gently modified, but never been raced or abused. Modifications are bolt-on or “BPU” (basic performance upgrade) additions to the stock motor and twin turbos, all of which were installed professionally and good enough for 433 rwhp on the dyno:

Engine Performance:
TRD high performance clutch
TRD exhaust
Tanabe downpipe
Blitz Intake
Greddy Profec B boost controller
Greddy Boost Cut Controller
Greddy Blow Off Valve kit
Greddy 52 mm Boost Gauge (installed in the standard clock location)
Polished stainless steel radiator pipe
HKS front mount intercooler (Type-S)
Unorthodox Racing cam gears
Apex S-AFC air/fuel computer

Eibach Pro Kit performance springs (approx 1” lowering)
TRD front and rear sway bars
Cusco strut tower bar

Wheels and Tires (2 sets):
Stock – Toyota, chrome-plated, 5-spoke (8x17 front, 9.5x17 rear), tires – 245 front, 275 rear
Aftermarket – Boyd Coddington Forged (9X18 front, 10x18 rear), tires – BFG 265 front, 285 rear

Oil (Royal Purple 10w30 synthetic)
Transmission fluid (Redline MT 90)
Differential fluid (Redline 75w90)
Car cover

If I do chose to sell, I would not take less than $39,500. I am Located in Dallas, TX. I will gladly answer any questions that you may have and can forward pictures via email.
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