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Hey everyone,

Well, I'm not sure who all saw that I was selling my car. Well, I "sold" the car for $23,000. It turns out that the guy forged the check. So... He drove off with my car, and I was left with a worthless piece of paper. (I didn't know the check was worthless until about a week later). I am asking for your help. The car was a 1997 Limited Edition 15th Anniversary RSP 5-speed. It has a minor scratch along the drivers-side rear fenderwell. It has stock rims on it with Khumo ECSTA tires. I sold the car to the guy in Asheville. The name he gave me was Rodrick (or Rod) Olds. Black male about 6'5" and close to 230 lbs. He looks young for his age (he has what I would call a baby face). He is in his mid to upper 20's. He said he was driving back to Chicago. The liscence plate on the car was South Carolina 675 SAY. I need your help in finding my car so I can get it back! Thanks everyone.


I am posting this in all of the regional sections. I'm just trying to get the word out! Don't get mad at me!

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I have heard of people selling scams but never the other way around. Why is it the world is full of dirtbags, and there is no longer any trust because of people like that. I hope they find him and give him a good beat down for you.
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