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Update 10/13/19

So I'll try to keep this short and simple. Back in Aug of 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas. It caused the entire city to flood and many parts of the city were still inaccessible for days after. In the area where I live, we were flooded and then had to be rescued by boat. It was close to 4 days until we were able to access our neighborhood again to see what the devastation was. Our house was flooded with close to 2' of water in some parts and in the low lying area of the garage it was even worse. Besides the home needing to be rebuilt, all of our cars were flooded. The dailies I was not so worried about since insurance would handle those. However, the supra was also badly flooded and I just could not part with it. After the house was gutted, we also removed all soiled parts from the supra, and it has been in that condition ever since.

Since 2017 we have been busy rebuilding and refurnishing our home and I did not have much time to work on my supra. After the initial removal of carpeting, seats, and other interior components it sat outside since our garage was full of rebuilding materials and boxes of personal items we were able to salvage from the home.

Now that our house is 99.5% complete and just furnishing some rooms I can now start the rebuild process on the supra once again. Attached are pictures of how she sits now and basically I am starting from scratch again. A lot of the suspension parts seem to be in good shape, the interior needs to be completely gutted and redone. I have noticed lots of oxidation and rust on both the motor and interior panels, and because of that I have decided to pull the motor and strip everything down to a shell. I plan on getting the rusted areas fixed and respray the entire car. During that process, I plan to rebuild the motor. Hopefully looking at a couple years to have her back on the road.

Its been a rough road since Harvey and am just happy to begin wrenching on the supra again. Any advise or insight on which engine stand to purchase, engine hoist, how to store the engine long term without making anything worse, best way to remove butyl sound barrier, whether to have the body media blasted or just have a body shop sand down, repair and respray, and anything else I may encounter, please comment. All info and advise is highly appreciated.

Before the storm

How it looked the morning we were getting rescued

How the supra is looking today





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Always wondered what happened to this build, glad to see you're back on the path.

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I was looking at the progress you posted on IG and didn't realize what had happened in the first place. It's heart wrenching to read why things are where they are now but inspiring to see something on the path to flourishing as well. Good luck and godspeed on the rebuild. The state of your car doesn't seem to look as bad as I would have imagined but to a perfectionist which I am assuming you are there is more then plenty wrong. It will be back and back stronger and better I am sure of that.
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