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Ok heres my problem a week ago my girlfriends sister wanted me to help fix an ac leak on her car. So me being the nice person I am, went over there and found the problem a small hole was present in the top of her condenser ( from an accident) about the width of a needle, we patched the hole and did a pressure test to ensure there were no leaks. we then started the car and let it run for about 3 min then we put an oil/leak stop in the system, from there i checked the pressure(on the low side) and i read 0psi so i started to add refridgerant and the pressure started to increase all the way to 55psi until i closed the valve on the can then it dropped to 25psi and now it wont take anymore. the a/c system can hold a total of 850 grams of r134a and that bottle is only 356gms, i can tell you there is more than 3/4 of that bottle left so why isnt it taking any more could something be clogged?
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