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A few 1jz and 7mgte crossover q's

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As far as clutches, is it true that a clutch kit for a 7mgte will fit on a stock 1jzgte flywheel? and that a 2jzgte kit will work on the 1jz but would need the 2jz flywheel??

Any suggestions for a good clutch kit if i'm aiming for about 350hp?

As far as radiators, would a mkIV turbo aluminum radiator fit into an '88 mkIII?? I'm looking for one in the $2-300 range.

oh and any suggestions on a 1jz mkIII intercooler kit? or just go custom?

thanks for the help, i've almost got all the puzzle pieces together.
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if you're putting in a 1jz or 2jz... you will need the 1JZ flywheel, 7M clutch kit, 1JZ bellhousing to use on your R154 tranny.

Or a 2jz-ge bellhousing to use on the W58, if you have that.
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