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hey guys, currently I'm driving around an '03 Audi A4. Now, one of the pleasures of this car is that all windows are automatic. If I push down on the switch it will roll the window down fully without me having to depress the switch for the whole time, same thing with rolling it up.

Now, I'm currently in the market for a 94-95 Supra TT for a project car and was curious as to if this "mod"(that's what I'll call it) can be done with the Supras, and if so how or where do I go to find such a product.

Thanks a ton guys.

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I have that done with my alarm. Inside you have one touch on both windows up and down. If your windows are down and you arm your alarm they will go up. You can roll them down with the remote also. Its kinda cool, IMO its not worth the money. The only reason I have it is because I used to work at a car audio shop and it only cost around fifty bucks on top of what the alarm cost.

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Why??? You're not forced to use it.. It's a nice convenience feature. I wish all the switches had automatic up and down.

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I have it on my truck as well. I think he (and I) means that you may want to let it down part way but it's hard to do.
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