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Here are some spec on the engine!

Greddy T78 turbo kit!

Greddy 3 row

Greddy oil catch tank

Greddy boost 60mm

Greddy EGT (peak hold) 60mm

race ported hed

Euro kamcafts

HKS racing 50mm westegate

HKS 4" exhaust??

HKS cam puley

HKS evc


HKS 720cc inj

HKS fuel rail

HKS timing belt

HKS twin disc


aem 5 bars map

Aeromotive BTR

dual Walbro 255L fuel pumps

the car is not tuned yet but i hope i will do 650Hp on 98oct (pump fuel)

i will post some pics later on the interior and the rear!

thanx for the coments!=) *smile*
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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