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ok my friends tellin me about this supra he saw in northshore.. please excuse my friend.. i just explained to him what a supra was a month ago and this is his first sighting :D .. heres what we got on it
he started with
Alternator2006 (8:41:48 PM): i saw a supra today
i asked how are you sure? he said
Alternator2006 (8:42:17 PM): got the whole 8 taillight thingy goin on
i asked color he said
Alternator2006 (8:42:28 PM): black and fade to red
i asked body kit? he said
Alternator2006 (8:42:37 PM): uhh body kit
Alternator2006 (8:42:39 PM): no
i said rims? he said
Alternator2006 (8:42:50 PM): had spinners!
i said what else he said
Alternator2006 (8:43:21 PM): oooo it had the NX on the side
and i said anything else? he said
Alternator2006 (8:44:36 PM): it had no top......

please tell me whos supra this is!! i must see it!!

lol.. man i sound dumb.. o well.. lol


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First off post in the right section......this type of thread would go in what ever region you live in.

Second dont post worthless crap that wastes bandwith! Thanks
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