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Johnny-87sup said:
Doh! lol, whys that thermactor?

Cressida is a better car.

Who the fuck do I think I'm fooling?

The only things the Supra has on the Cressida that are unaddressable are the following:

1) It's a stylish coupe
2) Somewhat bigger engine bay
3) Suspension is somewhat better
4) It has a good aftermarket

Everything else, EVERYTHING else, it SUCKS at. Paint finish SUCKS, dash controls SUCK, seats SUCK, fat-ass curb weight SUCKS, instrument panel SUCKS, NVH SUCKS, and the overall feeling of the car is not one of a sporty machine but of an 80s automotive prison.

My thrill and excitement at owning a Supra are COMPLETELY gone.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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