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1987 mk3 supra, 7mgte r154
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Heres the entire story of the car:

Original owner bought in Colorado in 1987 as a 7mgte manual. The guy drove it for a while and blew it up, rebuilt it with crower rods, wiseco pistons (+.5mm), built the head with BC 280 cams, BC springs and retainers, and Ferrara valves but retained the stock turbo, exhaust manifold and injectors.

He sold it to a guy in Baltimore who wanted more power so he took everything off the engine and planned out this build. Bought a t4 exhaust manifold, and a powerstroke turbo (idk how he was planning on getting the t4 to mate up with the v-band of the turbo exhaust housing) and so much other stuff. Well his friend who convinced him to buy the car died suddenly in a car wreck and lost motivation to finish the car.

This is where i bought the car and started putting it back together. I bought a BoostLab t4 turbo (6057) to replace the diesel turbo and bought a "new" stock wiring harness off Ebay since the old was was all hacked up from when he took it off. I have everything back on the car and put back where it should be. I have all the witing, vaccum, IC piping, just everything back together. The car cranks and i can feel it want to start but i believe it isnt because the injectors are not scaled (550cc injectors with stock ecu) and its putting too much fuel into the cylinders for it to start!
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