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Two related questions (sorted posted elsewhere too).

1) Any tips on weight reduction for my Supra (and no I'm not going on a diet).

2) I've read that the Abflug S900 bodykit is partially made of carbon fibre. Is this true and how much does it reduce the Supra's weight.

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weighty issues

First thing's first ...body panels

Take a look at the car you've got some great big slabs of metal in there. So you need to change the materials used in these panels.

Carbon Fibre Bonnet is out there and available.
The trunk lid is huge and has a mass of glass in it, get a trunk lid made from Carbon fibre and a perspex rear screen (might have to legally fit a heating element to it.
Get a replacement Urethane nose.

Inside, do you use the rear seats???? If not junk them and get the back re-trimmed to effectively give you more boot space. Take out the original front seats replace with carbon backed Recaro's or something of that ilk.

Engine, take out the usless traction control unit saves a few pounds, do you use the car for racing only??? If so strip out the A/C unit and all other components related to it. If you've still got the cats - take them out and put in a proper exhaust. Get some lightweight wheels (magnesium alloy). Uprate the suspension and lighten it aswell

Got any ice??? Ditch it :)

That should save you a couple of lb's and waste lots of $$$'s

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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