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Abnormal noise coming from front end

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I have a very abnormal noise coming from the front end of my car. It began with a slight popping sound when I hit the brakes while backing up. I thought that the solution to this would be tightening the suspension adjustment cams, however, the problem still exists.

Now there are some other odd noises. I've got tein coilovers and when I go over speedbumps they make a weird squeaking noise and the suspension feels "loose".

I thought that the suspension bolts might be loose so I jacked up my car and tighetened all the bolts to the factory specifications. The upper and lower control arms, sway bar, and others. The problem doesn't seem as bad as it was before, however, it is still there.

I know that some people have experienced abnormal noises with Teins. One fix was to tighten the upper supports above factory specifications. I don't know if this is my problem or not, but does anyone have those torque specifications?

Is there anything that could be lubricated? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Beleive it or not but that poping sound you hear when you go fwd then reverse is the left engine mount!

I have the same sound. I then lowered my car did the whole suspention thing and still have it. go to tech articles on and it talks about it there. I have been lazy to change mine. Been over a year.
or is it two?
I doubt its my engine mounts... Its really sporatic and I've done all the tests. After tightening my suspension things feel a lot tighter, however, I still do get an aweful squeak :/. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks MM.
I've had an engine mount go bad, and it made an entirely different noise. His problem sounds more like an ajustment cam is loose, yet we tightened those. We also tightened the sway bar end links.
And to all the other owners that have that strange popping
noise in the front end. Check the motor mounts first...both sides.
If they are OK...then tighten the 4 large bolts that mount
the front frame crossmember to the frame rails. This is the
aluminum cross member. After that..move back the front
suspension crossmember (steel one) and tighten those 6 bolts. Then tighten the 4 bolts and 2 nut's that mount the lower arm bracket stay's. The lower control arm's mount to these two
crossmembers and the cornering force generated by our cars
can loosen these bolts. It's happened before...I know.

This should done when the car is sitting at ride height...
like sitting on a drive-on lift or alignment rack, not up in the
We had this noise in the front end of my supra and it went

Try this and let us know if it solved your problem.

Hope this helped.

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Whoa, that would explain why "some" of the noises went away after I tightened the bolts that I did; there are about ten others that I didn't even touch. Thanks Jeff, I'll definatly check it out.

Ive been reading about all the popping noises and am going to check my front left engine mount.

Just some extra info.

I get this noise on full lock. It sounds like a pop, click and it vibrates up to the steering wheel.

Anyone in the car can feel the vibration!

It happens over some small bumps as well.

Do you still think its the engine mount?

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