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Hello. I have a 97 that received a turbo upgrade plus lots of other items this past winter to get it above 600 rwhp. However, I'm having a pesky ABS problem. Either ABS codes 11 or 13 come on when the brakes are applied and the ABS is not activated. However, when I check continuity on the applicable wires from the solenoid relays to the ABS ECU they are in spec and I can reset the codes by pumping the brakes 10 times in less than 5 seconds. However, as soon as I turn on the car, move a few feet and apply the brakes(without engaging the ABS) the code reappears.

The car has had a serious autocross life so I am replacing both relays. Also, I am beginning to wonder if the front of the ABS actuator/pump is getting too hot due to its vicinity of the turbo, which does not have a thermal blanket...yet (and is on order).

Any info is appreciated.

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