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alright. i know it is winter time, but i would like to fix this during the winter and plus it will give me something to do over my xmas break. my car wont hold freon right now bc my ac condensor is busted. anybody know of a place where i can pick up on besides toyota and how much i am looking at paying for the part. thanks.

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put the freon in and ran on retard?

Didn't know the MKIII A/C system ran on retard. Must be the new ubber tree hugging freindly gas. :confused:

not for anything but just because it LEAKED (not ran out) doesn't mean the condensor is bad.

It can mean a bad seal in one of the o-ring located by the dryer canister. O ring TO the condensor. etc. I suggest you get a definate answer and pin point exactly where the leak is. Because you are looking at alot of cash if it is the condensor.
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