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Accident on Tamiami Trail Sarasota

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Did anyone know or hear about the accident on Tamiami Trail this morning.

A kid drivering a Yellow Dodge Charger Daytona was killed and he was about 23yrs old.

He ran into the back of one of my work tractor trailer.(Sygma)

He was traveling speeds over a 100mph plus and knocked the tandeums off the trailer.

The tractor was making a u-turn and was at 1mph and when the car hit it knocked the tractor and trailer up to 7mph and moved it about 12ft.

I'm trying to find out his name.
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Man that sucks. Glad your ok. He had to be hauling ass to knock the tandems loose.
bang! crack! pop! boom!...ect
holy jesus..... damn
That's amazing. I had a tractor trailer his the tandems on one of my flatbed's once, and even that didn't knock them off the trailer!
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