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Greetings everyone! I'm in the middle of an 7MGTE ('87) engine build and I'm ready to start reassembling everything; however, I quickly put on the air brakes because the 2nd oil hole on the #3 main bearing is not aligning; I have ACL .25mm bearings. See pictures below:

Here you can see the upper oil hole in the bearing is not lined up to the offset oil hole in the #3 Main (Might have to zoom in to see it).
ACL Bearing - Misalligned Oil Hole.JPG

This picture is a little dark, but you can see the upper oil hole is offset and ACL didn't provide a bearing that matches this offset of the #2 oil hole for the #3 Main.
ACL Bearing - Offset Oil Hole.JPG

Has anyone had this problem with ACL Main bearings (Or any bearing manufacturer for that matter) in the past? Is the #3 Main oil holes offset on all 7MGTE blocks? For folks that have done a rebuild, has your Main bearings included a bearing with the proper oil hole offset for #3?

Before I contact the seller about this, I wanted to do my research and see if anyone else has seen this or if this is an anomaly. Thank you for any input anyone might have.

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