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Ok, we have data on the performance of PWR, Koyo and Fluidyne radiators alredy and out on the track it seems the PWR radiator is King.

My question is, has anyone ever tried / tested those second-tier brand radiators from Megan Racing, Mishimoto and JVTR?

I found some favorable feedback on the Mishimoto stuff on some Honda forums. But nothing factual (with recorded data) like what we do here hehehehe

Browsing through the different threads, all I could find was statements like 'why buy a 200 dollar radiator for the supra' to 'KOYO/Fluidyne/PWR is the best and everything else just isn't good enough' to those China-made stuff won't last long'

They are probably, for the most part true, BUT until someone steps forward and posts his comments on those three 2nd-tier brands, it's all going to be hearsay hehehehe
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