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Well I've been running 14 psi untuned for a 1 week now so I figured I'd use the Safc to decrease the gas flow a little. I don't have my wideband yet, but I remember up to 5% corrections wouldn't hurt the engine. Besides it was running rich anyways.

So I go into the menu and start decreasing fuel starting at 3k-4k rpms with a 2% reduction in fuel; then 3% from 4k rpms to redline 6.5k rpms. Went for a quick run around the block and all I can say is "WOW".

The engine doesn't bog down like it used too anymore and the stink of gas doesn't fill up the cabin anymore either. It pulls hard starting from 3k all the way to redline. Usually boost will fall 1 psi or so, but this time it wasn't the case. I managed to peel out with the 3.73 gearing (+ sawblades on shitty tires) all the way to 3rd gear. Kinda like what I was once able to do with the 4.3 gears.

It was awesome! I can't wait until my wideband comes in so I can actually tune it right. :)
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