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Hello everyone,

My blowoff valves are making a small barking sound then the whoooooooshhhhhh to let the back pressure out. How do I get the barking to go away. It makes this series of sounds a loud put, put, put, whooooooooooosh. The bolts are already about 1/4 to 1/2 inch out of the top of the bov's, how much looser can I go?

Im also having a problem with the boost controller. I have my profec b turned to minimum and I still cant get it to open the wastegate under 20 psi of boost, about 1.5 bar. I dont even know if the wastegate is even working. I have tried every adjustment point on the balance knob and have found no fix, I even changed the dipswitches on the back for the runaway boost fix. I checked the filters and I dont see any apparent holes in the vac line to the profec. Is there a way to adjust the wastegate? Is it a problem connected to the adjustment of the bov's?

The blowoffs were tightened almost all the way down when I got the car.

what type of watsegate do you have! Also the spring might be rated at that much psi. Which means it won't open until that. Example a 14 psi spring won't let you boost under 14 psi. I ran into that problem earlier.

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