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Advice on speakers

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I've got a set of Cerwin Vega 6.5 components and 6.5 coax from my previous car. I'm not a huge audiophile so I'm wondering if you guys suggest going ahead with installation or should I check out some of the higher end speakers. Will I notice a dramatic improvement over these speakers?
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There is not enough information here to give you a educated suggestion.

Are you running a stock system from a MKIV?

Tell what car and the type of power you will be using and myself or someone else will lend a suggestion.

Thomas Kenyon
Custom Sounds
San Antonio, Texas
Thanks for the guidance Thomas. I think I was just generally trying to get a feel for people's impression of Cerwin Vega.

The system is currently stock 1994 MKIV. The previous owner did upgrade the front speakers to Boston Acoustics (4", not certain what model), but the rears, sub, and I'm guessing the tweeters are stock.

It is my understanding that Cerwin Vega makes decent speakers that are best known for their efficiency (providing decent sound in low power systems). So I'm wondering how whether the effort to replace the speakers is worth it with a stock system or mild upgrade to the HU and amp. The speakers are in the stealth series (now discontinued as far as I can tell).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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