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I'm goin to NA-T my JDM 97' supra AT and need some help from experienced people like you.

My 2JZ-GE has only about 30k miles on it. :)

I'm aiming for ~550rwhp

Got R154,
going to buy ACT HD PP with 6 puck disk,
550cc rx7 drop in injectors, (for the beginning..)
3" intercooler with 3" piping,
tubular exhaust mani
Custom 3" catback exhaust system
46mm tial race wastegate
walbro 255lph

Havent decided about:

1) turbo, BW 67mm ETT, 72gts or S372R.
2) engine management - Emanage Ultimate? AEM FIC? MAPECU2?
3) Head gasket - Apexi 2.1mm, HKS 2.0mm, Boost logic 2.5mm ???

Thank you in advance.

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