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Advise on speakers

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I am planning to upgrade my stock speakers. I have a eclipse 54410 HU coming in. I am planning to use the stock amp. I want to keep to the same speaker size, as I do not want to spend too much time custom making the frame.
The question is should I get a full range speaker (2, 3 way speakers) for the front and back? or should I get a mid-range speak, since I have the stock tweeters.

By the way, will a new amp improve the sound quality? I do not play the music loud, but I want them to sound clear.

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i would highly recommend purchasing a 4channel amp, and going with a component speaker set
mkiv2the1320b4u said:
i would highly recommend purchasing a 4channel amp, and going with a component speaker set
I exactly agree with that!!
hmmm.. getting an amp might be another solution. I thought we need a 5ch amp? 4 for the speakers and 1 for the sub? or are you talking about 4 ch for the speakers only? Buying a component speaker will means I have to replace the stock tweeter? I heard that is alot of work, as I have to remove the entire dash? anyone done this before? Thanks.
You wont need a 5 channel amp. You will only need a 4 channel amp to run your component set and rears. It is a lot of work to replace the factory tweeters with new ones in the same place, and its not really worth all of the trouble. You could always leave the factory tweeters in their stock location and mount the new tweeters somewhere else if you are going to be putting an amp on your fronts and rears.
So a 4 channel amo is sufficient? Do not need the stock sub? I thought inorder to drive the sub, you need 1 extra channel? 4 for the speakers and 1 for the sub. Thanks.
Yes, a good quality 4 channel amp, with an awesome component set will out-preform the sub, and open everything else up. The only time you'd need a 5 channel amp is if you were running front/rears/and a sub, all off of one amp, but if you were going to want to have a sub, i would buy 2 amps, one 4channel for your highs(fronts/rears) and a mono amp for you low end
One way you can save money, AND increase SQ would be to purchase a VERY nice 6.5" component set with tweeter (JL XR, Diamond Audio, Focal, etc.) it will take a little bit of time to install but it will be worth it. Then, buy a 2 chanel amp, Right front, and left front, forgett completely about rear speakers unless you're running Surround Sound DVD's or you've got a lot of rear seat passengers who want to hear the music. There are no other reasons to have rear fill. In fact, once you hear it without rear speakers, You won't want rear ones ever again.....Just wait untill you hear a system with Up-front Bass (subs in the dash, glove box, etc) then you'll really start noticing the imperfections in rear bass.
that is a very interesting idea. will the music sound "empty" without the rear speaker? I heard it is alot of work to put 6.5 in the front. How about 6.5 at the back and 4 in the front? Thanks.
I'm selling a used zapco studio 150 amp and new focal 165k speakers. I'm only selling them because I picked up a xtant 603 amp that will power my whole system and I'm going with all image dynamics speakers. Only thing you would need to complete your system is a sub and sub amp.
The sound will be empty...FROM THE REAR SEATS ONLY. From the front seats it'll sound outstanding! When was the last time you went to a concert and heard sound comming from the back ? NEVER! You could get a 4 for the doors and seperate tweeters but you'll loose some of that up-front bass that really makes the sound quality. If you're gonna upgrade the sub, I'm sure you can get by on thoose...but I'd do the extra work for 6.5's...Maybee you can talk to Thomas Kenyon and see if he's got any mounting rings left, that'll simplify things.
anyone heard of Hifonics? Are their component speakers any good? How about their amps? There are so many brands out there, which is confusing. I am not going to spend too much on stereo, as I am not an audiophile, but the stock system is just too horrible!. Thanks.
Do you have an MKIV ??? becaues by no means does that stock stereo suck...It's not a custom professional audiophillic (is that a word?) job, but it should more than suit the needs of the average.

I have a 95TT, the sound is horrible when playing CD. My car is lowered, so the ride is kind of rough and the stereo skips all the time! I am going to change the HU and see how it performs, if it gets much better I might just stop at the HU. Thanks.
The sound will be empty...FROM THE REAR SEATS ONLY. From the front seats it'll sound outstanding!
I'm not sure where your getting all this dude, but i have taken out my rear speakers, and i noticed a big difference, it SUCKED. Sayho, trust me dude, you want good rear speakers too, in both my mkiv and my beater, at one point i have removed the rear speakers, and there most definitly is an "empty sound." You will definitly notice if you remove your rear speakers, and i think you will dislike it. I don't know what the hell showoff is talking about..... how can removing rear speakers make the fronts sound better????
i've heard a few systems with only the front and a rear sub and it sounds pretty good. the ones i did listen to had some pretty high end shit in it too so that could be it. and if you get a HU with time alignment you can adjust the sub to sound like its hitting you from the front. a lot of it has to do with what you are going with and most importantly the INSTALL.
I didn't say removing the rears would make the fronts sound better, I said eliminating the rears and UPGRADING the fronts wouild make the entire soundstage sound better! And it's very true. You just have to have a very limited ammount of tuning knowledge. Think of it this way, you go to a concert to see a band perform, all the sound is comming from infront of you, but does it feel empty ? NO! You can't just remove the rear speakers on a stock system and hope to increase SQ. The positioning would be improved, but the sound would be terrible. The only reason for rear fill is when you're using Surround sound movies or when playing DVD 5.1 music. So unless you go that route, you can safely and happily ditch the rears. Hakaida hit the nail on the head, installation and tuning make or break a system.
Speaker upgrade

I'm going budget w/ my setup, I will be installing 5 1/4" components up front and 6 1/2" in the rears, still looking at decks amps and boxes for the back though.
if youre wanting to go cheap but good get better 6 1/2s up front and a 10 sub out back with some decent amps.
So how hard is it to take off the whole dash to replace the tweeters?...I'm planning on replacing them with my component tweeters and wondering if it's gonna be a hassle to do it myself or just pay someone to do it. Anybody with experience on it? Also, will it be a problem running the crossover wires from the door speaker wires? I am planning on replacing the HU later with an eclipse? which is the best model? and putting an amp where the stock one that possible, has anyone done it? then going with 1 or 2 10" subs w/ amp in the trunk, maybe replacing the spare, still debating....
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