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ok, something wierd is going on. My message said something about "post here or PM me if interestes", and now it says "please ask before you do this!" and I don't see my posting on the list any more. I can only imagine that I unknowingly broke some forum rule. And I'm sorry if I did. But if any moderator is reading this, please explain.

Overnight I've gotten more inquiries about this group buy than I believe they have AEM units to sell us. So I will give priority to the first responders, and go on down the line. If enough people back out of the deal, I'll mention something (unless a moderator tells me this is bad).

Thanks for all the replies, and sorry for any rules I may have broken!

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You may not post group buys without permission here. I didn't edit your post, but I can tell you that it is certainly the rule you broke. Dusty/MVP must approve all group buys that are posted on this forum.

Steve T.
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