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AEM BASE MAP for PTE 67 GTQ - I Use Alcohol Like Methanol

Hi friends.
I finish the modifications in my Engine.
I have a Supra with:

PTE 67 GTQ Turbo kit (HPF) with 4" pipes
1600 cc injectors
2x Walbro Fuel Pump and 1x Aeromotive Eliminator Fuel Pump
Titan Motorsports Fuel Rail
5 Bar MAP
AEM Wideband
2x 264 HKS Cams
HKS Cam Gears
OE Head Gasket
Unorthodox Puleys Ultra SS 4 Pieces

And the Most Important Information: I Use ALCOHOL(110 octane) in the Gas Tank. So, i need 45% more flow than usual Gas. Here in my country we have alcohol in all Gas Stations.

I´d Like to Know if anyone can help me with a Base map to start. If need more information, ask me.

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it´s not be a exactly map, only for i start my engine. After that i can continue. I can Pay for this Base Map. Anyone Interest?
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