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Has anyone heard of the AEM FIC unit?? Anyone have it installed on the Supra?? Any experience's good/bad?? I was about to buy a MAP ECU untill I heard of AEM FIC unit. My car is a 97 TT 6pd/ fmic/hks boost cont/dp/safc/tms cam gears/TTC. I want to switch out the safc.
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I dont about the AEM... but I can tell you now that the map ecu 2 is a great system to work with. But definately go with the map ecu 2, the fuel table is larger and it has some extra parameters that the map ecu doesnt have. I wired the ecu 2 into my 92 lexus sc400 with a 2jzgte without the harness and it isnt that difficult if you follow the instructions and take your time and follow the wiring diagram. I think I had to splice a total 17 wires but twelve of those were for timing. The only problem with the map ecu 2 is having the proper adapter for serial to com adapter. If you have a serial port adapter on your laptop, its a breeze and you'll be the impressed with the systems possibilities. It also replaces the maf with map so its more accurate. Also if you have any questions, post them on the map ecu forum which is strictly dedicated the map ecu and the map ecu 2. Map ecu man is really good about answering the questions promptly even on the weekends.
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