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If anyone can set me up with a good starting map for this setup or fairly close it would be greatly appreciated,

bored 60 over yes 60
je pistons crower rods'
stock valves and springs,
3 angle, mild port and polish,
sp 77h0, sp intake manifold, 4inch tb,
160lb inj, hks ign, stock coils,2 intank 255 pumps,
-6 fuel lines, sp fuel rail,4 inch exhaust, greddy 3 row,
3+4 inch piping,tial 50 mm bov,aem, fjo wb,th 400 tranny,
auto rearend, 3800stahl,hksgt2 wg,264 cams stock cam gears

anybody that can get me close it would be much appreciated, just trying to get it a little closer before i drag it down to the dyno to get it street tuned, thanks Chad
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