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AEM programmable ECU

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Has anyone tried it out yet?
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i dont think its out yet
I thought it's out already because I saw the price from for 1599.00
They are taking orders, but the unit is not out yet.
Its current release date is Jan 15th I believe, but we will see if that actually happens.
The AEM EMS is not out yet but to orders have been placed from us with AEM .
We are taking orders as well and offering discounted group buys call me or e-mail me for pricing. group buy in prices will not be posted.

[email protected]
Why is the Universal kit more expensive?

Why is the Universal kit more expensive than the 2J kit for the AEM EMS?

Sounds like that system will be kick azz.

If there are any group purchases, you may want to let the MKIII guys know as well, there are guys who are interested in it as well.

Are any of out list venders taking orders? Dusty, Chris. etc?
Bill Perkins
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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