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kale said:
I understand, I have 2 bright LEDs (the brightest I could find) for each sensor. They are in the dash just around the tach, and when they light up, even on the brightest of days, it's like someone shining a laser in my eye. Just make sure you get the right LEDs if you end up doing something like this.

The ignition-kill feature shouldn't be that hard to incorporate I imagine, I was going to try this earlier, but never got around to actually putting it in. I hadn't thought of staggering it higher than the normal warning, something which might be a great idea for my purposes. It gives you time to correct before actually killing the engine. Thanks for the idea.

Has anyone been able to datalog A/F mixtures over a 20 minute track session? Or has had a wideband display to watch? It would be interesting to see real-world AFR's on track, under high engine load, heat, boost, stress, etc over time. Has anyone noticed change in over time?
When I ran my car on my old setup it would get richer as the car got hotter. up to .5 richer so I would dip into the 10's on afr WOT. Interested to see if other people had similar results. I'm not running a AEM, but this was w/ a Haltech. This was all running 100octane unleaded.
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