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mav7 said:
I've read Andi B's writeups about all the cooling mods he has done... but I am hoping I will be ok with my rather stock cooling. I have a greddy 3-row, electric fans (which I may disable w/ the AEM at high speeds) and the PS cooler the 3-row comes with. It's located just inside the drivers side air duct on my bumper so I'm sure it's seeing plenty of air...

What I don't have is an oil cooler or an upgraded radiator. I never thought an oil cooler was needed for road racing, just recommended. I don't plan on beating on the car too much, and may end up running a hard lap an then a "cool" lap as to not push the car too hard...

Having boiled my PS steering in the past at a track event, I plan on replacing the fluid immediately before and after, as well as the engine oil.

Also being early in the summer, I doubt ambient temperatures will be that warm (most likely 60-70 degrees) so the conditions shouldn't be that bad.
At least get an oil temp guage that way if your oil is nearly as hot as the sun you can pull off the track and not cause any untimely engine wear or damage.
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