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Okay, I got my car to start but it won't idle, I got my VPC setting at 12o'clock all the way thru the board, my dip switches are at -top row= all down - bottom row = down,up,down,up

My afc2 setting is at -20 for all high and low map and my throttle is at 74/75 it won't idle at all, I can gas it and it would stay on, but other than that it wouldn't. Also white smoke and Black smoke come poring out of my exhaust when I gas about 50-75% of the throttle. I just need to get it started and idle so that I can take it to a dyno that's 2hrs away to get it tune. Some help would be greatly appriciated.
I'm in the process of getting a kit, but it won't be till next week!
Again thanks for the help
Michael Nguyen

edit: Sorry forgot to list my setup

-Daveh t67 kit
-3mm HG
-680cc low imp injectors
-walbro fuel
-greddy type R bov
-FMIC w/pipes
-Power Enterprise timingBelt
-Jun Cam gears
-3" downpipe to HKS Hi-power
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