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afm from a mk111

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will the turbo afm from a 90 mk111 bolt up on a 93.5 mkiv na

will this be considered a intake upgrade....will it help or harm the performance
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Yes, they are identical.

The AFM from the V8 Lexus is larger diameter, and is a direct bolt-up. But I don't see any real advantage to doing this. You would need bigger fuel injectors to compensate for the larger AFM.
Toysport mentions an n/a vpc conversion but I'm not sure what type of n/a could benefit from it. They do both n/a & turbo hot rod imnports. The benefit of the vpc is greater, less resrictive flow as is the Lexus mod. No, I don't know anyone who has it.:(
I have a VPC on my car. It is really only gonna benefit a turbo'd car, as it allows you to use bigger injectors, and has some tuning functions. I don't think that the less restriction in the intake will amount to much. And for tuning your fuel you'd be better off getting a AFC instead.
Just asking because I'm not sure if a fipk will bolt up on the na afm.....i know it does on a mk111 t why not swap them out and upgrade the intake system.,....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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