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aftermarket battery?

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Who makes the lightest battery for the supra? does anyone know the stockweight of the battery? Also has anyone used the holley dry cell racing battery? I want to do a trunk mount setup so i am looking for a smaller/lighter battary that will handle electric fans,electric waterpump and a aftermarket radio nothing crazy.
If i cant find one that will work im just going to go full size optima.

What about a dry cell? Any experience with them

Also can you guys post pics of your cars with a trunkmount so i can get a idea on where i am going to mount it Thanks Brett

p.s will a rating of 15000 for a slimline tranny cooler be enuff for a bpu n/a? i heard 15000 is good up to like 320hp
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the plot thickens...

sorry, brett, i can't help... just a comment... can't wait to see how the big n/a project turns out... can't wait any longer ;) .. just joking man... i'm very eager to find out how this goes... let us know when it's done..hehe
There has already been a post on this. I beleive it was a Hawker battery that only weighed 13 pound. I think stock is in the 45 pound range. Do a search, it had a link to a site you could purchase this battery.

Later, Steve
who makes the hawk battery and who else would you reccmiend Thansk Brett
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