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Aftermarket clutch install solid hub which way?

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Hey guys, for an aftermarket 6 puck solid disc which way does it get installed in the car? Does it go in like the stock disc with the cone facing the motor or to the rear of the car?
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The HPF Bronze disc goes in with the cone facing the rear. Probably the same for your clutch, but I'd make sure.
The cone should be facing the rear.
thats what i thought, just wanted to make sure.
Shame on you!

"On all aftermarket disks, the cone section faces the rear of the car. This is opposite of the stock disk shown in the picture. "
What would happen if you had it on backwards? I swear when I pulled my trans off, the cone was facing the foward, which is weird because it is an aftermarket clutch.

Would it still work if the clutch was on backwards?
The stock disk has a smaller cone that is made to fit inside the FW. After maket units are too large in diameter and will make contact with the FW before the disk, not allowing engaugement, and making for a bad day.
..and grinded down flywheel bolts ;)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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