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1JZ Single turbo (GT35), Megasquirt.

So I bought an ebay fuel rail for like $50 because it seems people commonly do that in the JZ community...and I think that I regret it.

I also bought some nice 11mm nikki 550cc injectors which work great; but im having issues with the o rings tearing.

The first set of o-rings lasted me about 4 drive days, and then i noticed a fuel leak when the fuel rail would depressurize fuel would slowly leak from the feed part of the rail.

The rest of the sets just blew up immidiately. What would happen is that one port would squirt fuel and then seal, but just to depressurize later and leak slowly.

Once i get back in town i'm gonna find some calipers and see if there is too much play between the rail feed and o-ring that is causing them to tear. Is that common? I read that the taper on ebay rails is incorrect, causing them to leak, but the DIY on how to fix it, putting a side feed top seal o ring over the 11mm o ring makes no sense as it is simply too large of an o ring.

Anyone else face issues like this?

I also tried 3 different o rings.

Middle: Came with the injectors and lasted longest (I was told it was a honda o-ring by the company, Osidetiger.)

Right: Denso O ring for 2jz injectors from NAPA (as you can see its slightly thinner) It would seal, but then like unseat or something and leak fuel once the rail depressuzied.


Left: Honda o-rings: Literally 4 of them tore the minute the fuel pump was turned on, they are made of cheese idk.


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