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aftermarket hoods

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with all the hoods with opening on them , how it water kept out? or is it?

im interested in the ab flug style and or vielside.
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I have the AB Flug one... park it in the garage, or switch the hoods off when you know its gonna rain, thats what i do...
Abflug hood fitment.....

How well does the abflug hood fit? Any fender modifications needed to close gaps?
My TRD Hood has rain guards under the vents that can be removed. They work pretty good. I have had it through the rain with no problems...
TRD hood looks badass but simply not worth the money. Veilside is the better hood to go with and I believe it weighs less. Correct me if I'm wrong though. My car is not going to be a daily driver anymore so cuts in the hood are fine. But you never know when a rain storm is going to hit and thats when spending the extra money saves your ass!:cool:
so the vielside hood doesnot let water in?

and the ab flug does? and the trd has rain guards?
I've seen people cut a stock hood with a plasma gun to look like the trd hood. Works good if you know what you're doing and it will save you 1700 dollars.
AB Flug hood looks awesome, gaps aren't even noticable...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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