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ok so i got this Grant GT steering wheel .. when i pulled off the old ugly grant steering wheel i found that the pervious owner didnt use the horn in the center of the steering wheel, they used a generic button that had the orignal wires hooked up to it for the horn.. well i decided fuck that its ugly so i took the button off and tried to hook these same 2 wires up to the after market steering wheel. well after i was done putting everything back together and put my battery back in the car, the horn wouldnt stop beeping....... so i take the steering wheel back off and try to figure out why, i was thinking that there was too much metal around the exposed wires.. so i leave the hardware off that comes with the steering wheel (such as the hub and plate) and hook the wires back up to see.. well now the horn will not make any noise at all. Now after about 10 minutes of staring at the steerong wheel and where it is suppose to go i find another wire just sitting in side there. now i have 3 wires...1 red, and 2 blacks.... :sad: now i started testing the wires 1 by 1. I took the red wire...touched it to some of the metal and i hear this buzzing noise like the horn wants to go off...hmm... so i take the first black wire touch it to the metal ...nothing...take the second black wire touch it to the peice of metal...nothing.. so those 2 black wires must be grounds. now , i take the red wire and the first black wire put them both to the metal and my horn goes off.....i kno it wasnt the smartest thing to do but i did it anyways lol... next i take the red wire and the second black wire and i hear nothing at all except the buzzing that i heard when i touched the red wire to the metal by itself.... thats pretty much my problem i cant figure out how to stop the horn from going off while i drive or have it connected. so im thinking that sumwhere inside my steering coloum i have a grounded wire. i have know idea and i suck at typing shit out so if anyone isnt clear please ask questions lol
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