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Well in light of finding the AWESOME DEAL on all of the stuff off of a USDM TT 94 Auto supra,, I am going to postpone the AEM for now. I figure that the Computer works awesome with stock twins, and you dont need a bunch of alphabet soup stuff to get it to work... So here is the deal.

95 SC300
JDM Aristo Motor with 24,000 miles
USDM Twins
USMD TT Oil pan.
EGR blockoff
Stock TT AFM
550 stock injectors
Stock 94 TT auto ecu
Phil's book for the wiring of the shebang
3" or 3.5" DP (is there a difference on stock twins)
Dual 3" exhaust after DP
Precision IC
BOV (maybe)
Greddy Profec B
Greddy Peak and hold gauges
eTTC mod
Greddy Pulleys (not crank)
Cam gears
Aermotive FPR
MKIV pump

Here are some of my questions

Is there any performance difference with the JDM and the USDM intake manifold

Is the JDM igniter the same as the USDM

Does the TT use a separate ECU for trans, or is it in the ECU itself

Any Mods I am missing?

I was told to keep the TRAC fuse in for the retarded timing in-between shifts. Do i need something off of a MKIV TT car for this, like a Trac computer. My SC300 has traction control. Maybe it is the same?

Either way I am getting real close now. It could be in the car within a month or so ( have to finish other things first)



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im pretty sure other than the cams, turbos, injectors and MAF, USDM and JDM are the same. both intake manifold and igniter should be EXACTLLY the same except maybe for some language differences. the ECU has the transmission stuff in it so no seperate "brain" for the tranny. i would just delete the TRAC as most people do that anyways.
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