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Air conditioning on AEM 1101

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I know its been covered a billion times. You can blame the search being down. I know it has something to do with a resistor somewhere, can anyone elaborate? I also remember reading with it the compressor always stays on? If thats true is there a way around it? We tried to turn it on through the AEM programming, still blows hot.
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never got it working so i just unplug the blower
never got it working so i just unplug the blower
Ouch.... has anyone got it working?
the settings didnt work for me, i left my settings the way they were from the AEM and just used the resistor mod, works fine now, i just did this, and my compressor turns off when i turn off a/c, i'll try to look and see which two pins to connect, it was a 10k ohm resistor i belive..... but i could be wrong
sorry i got the 1100. let me know if you get the AC working. If so than i need to swap out the 1100 for the 1101
This worked for me the other day!!!

Air Conditioning: Pull-Up Resistor
Wire in 1k ohm resistor between pins:
ECU Pin 34A (A/C) blue/red wire (a/c request input)
ECU Pin 33A (BATT) black/yellow wire (Battery Voltage)
Resistor Specs:
Resistance: 1,000 (1k) Ohms
Part Number: Radio Shack #271-153
Color Bands: Brown-Black-Red

Set the following in the A/C options menu:
A/C Request Input: "Switch #6 Ground = ON"
A/C Output #1: LS6
A/C Output #2: Disable
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