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Airbag Service at 10 years?

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I was just thinking the other day when I looked at the visor in my Lexus that said airbags need to be serviced after 10 years.... (I know it's the same for all cars.)

My Supra was built in May of 93... I have a TRD wheel/Airbag in my car now, but I wonder if other may have to have the airbag serviced. And if so, how are they serviced? Or is it just a bunch of BS?

Anyone know?
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never heard of anything like that. what year and model is the lexus?

don't even worry about it bro. nice steering wheel by the way!:bigthumb:
says the same thing on my sunvisor... my car is 10 years old too
From what I've heard. There is some kind of powder material that is used with the air bag and that has to be in some way "serviced" thats just what I heard.
ive also heard about having the airbags "serviced"... im not sure what is involved in it though, or if its really necessary.
the air bag if it's not been deployed like all other explosives may be come worthless, It is true that after a 10 year period of time, they may need to re-charge it because in a crash, the force behind the bag expanding is this "powder" you speak of .. put it like this.. Has anyon ever light a M1000 fire cracker? it's really loud... powerfull .. and works properly .. well who has found one burrined under socks in their dressor drawer and light one many years later.... doesnt quite work the same,, not very loud,and doesnt impress you like it used to. Im not a scientist, but the ingredients to cause the blast probably brake down, or change chemically over time and may eventually with temperature changes and the air, render them selves useless. This is by no means any enlightening im giving here, this is my best Guess only with the minimum information I know about explosives. I hope you guys under stand it better now.

to answer a few questions:

1.) would it be feasible to do this to my car? Yes, if you really care abouit your air bags for saving your life.
2.) how salty is it? well.. Im not sure about the price, but most cars wannty is damn straight over by the time 10 years goes by.. so you're on your own finding a price.
3.) How important is it to re-charge air bags, Not at all unless like i said you would like to save your self with them some day... I mean face it .. Accidents don't often require air bags to go off, the ones that do .. how many lives have thye saved anyway?

yes.. youre questoining me, well if you have any other questions, youre the type of persomn who would use the security in recharging your bags. If this seems irrelivant to you, then don't chanrge them. I hope i did a good job trying to explain this :) ~ Brett R *remember this is all opinion, nothign fact*
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Maybe it will open more slowly like the newer generation airbags. :p
why don't someone just pick up the phone and call their local toyota dealership????

I have 2 more years left before i would start worrying about it :)

Someone needs to check the shelf life and C-12 dating data for aluminum azide (the detonator). Once that is determined the amount used in the aribag needs to be determined. I'm fairly sure that the detonator is sealed in a plastic housing. That being given I believe the only thing that you will need to inspect for would be the resistance on the airbags. The SRS unit self checks for any malfunctions wihin the system during startup. If there is a problem that presists the unit will require servicing then.

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