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Alignment.. Anyone have experiance??

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Will dialing in more negitive camber help lower the car more???

My friend and I have the same suspension setup, same rims size, same tire sizes. the rear end of my car sits a little higher than his 1/2 inch higher... some of our settings are:

rear camber: -2.2
rear toe: almost ~0

rear camber: -0.5
rear toe: ~.325

so is that why his sits lower? im gonna take it in and get the rear aligned better.. the place i went to only did a front alignment..
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I'm not really sure, but alignment has a lot to do with tire wear (overall, outter, inner) so I wouldn't go overboard just to "get a lower ride".
Alignment will not affect height to that extent. Going negative on most suspensions, if it were to affect height on a supra it would be lower the more negative the camber. What are your guys suspension setups consist of? going negative on the camber will handle better but will hurt off the line traction. Depends on what you want out of your car.

well we both have RS*R Down Springs and KYB AGX struts. the only reason im asking these questions is to see why the hell his car sits lower than mine... they should be even!!
Did you guys buy the suspension at the same time. Are both cars the same year/model/brand. The bushings could be worn out in one car more than the other and can cause it to sit lower.
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He bought his suspention about a month earlier.. his is a 93 with 75k miles and mine is a 95 with 94k miles. it has to be something like the bushings like you mentioned. oh well. it makes my headlights point down a lot now.
make sure you did not install the front springs on the rear :)

I was going to say the same thing, hey it happens!
look at the pic in my sig... thats with the lowering kit on... it looks fine right?? i dont think if i put the springs on backwards it would sit the way it does. thanks though!!
How long has the kit been on your car? the reason I ask is that springs will settle a bit. Maybe not a 1/2 inch but some. I'm not familiar with the RSR spring material and process. I know Eibach uses cold winding maching and superior metal so the spring will not sag. If the RSR springs are hot wound then they will sag some over time.

Also the spring manufacturers will give aproximate lowering measurements, say 1.3 front and 1" rear. It usually is an estimate, some cars will sit higher than others.

I know this is old but still trying to figure out why my drivers side is so much lower that my passenger side, I have changed the shocks, someone said ,maybe it's my bushing. The drivers side scrapes like crazy, i have 18 inch rims. I have Eibach springs. HELLLLLLP.
Problem With a Supra + Orlando = Titan Motorsports

Its in the winter park area , less than 5 miles from whatever that college is.
Coilovers will solve all problems in life.

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I just bought new shocks, so I don't want to buy coilovers right now...
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