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Alignment Question

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Guys, i have a 97 Supra TT w/ 18" Blitz 03 wheels. When i go over 70 mph, the car wobbles pretty bad... Its so bad, that i have to hold the steering wheel pretty tight for it not to shake...
Do i need a Wheel alignment, or is it something else ? If its an alignment issue, what do i need to know before getting it aligned ? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you !
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More than likely your wheels are out of balance. Have the shop balance them first. If that doesnt work, there is a possibility that it may be your alignment.

Use these specs for an alignment:


Camber - 1.0

Caster + 5.0

Toe 0.00


Camber -1.5

Toe IN 1.0 mm

The Front and Rear Toe are critical to tire wear, even small deviations from spec may cause unusual wear patterns or excessive wear.
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Thanks Brian. I appreciate your help !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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