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Well not all of them.. only the decent racing videos I have edited for friends and myself.

2000 Camaro Z28 (me) vs 2007 Mustang GT with a 75 shot

99 Camaro Z28 vs 04 Cobra - Nitrous difference

2000 Camaro Z28 (me) vs 03 Cobra - LOL

LS1 RX7 vs T71 Supra (Hypnotic Supra). That RX7 went 9's a couple of days later on a 150 shot.

Trailblazer SS vs SRT4 vs Mustang GT

SRT8 vs 5.0

2000 Camaro Z28 (me) vs 04 Mustang GT

We have a lot more in our server. Here's a link to the directory.

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