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I had everything set up and ready to go to roll out in a brand new 2005 WRX STi today, because I was honestly fucking pissed at the supra after the overheating issues it gave me last weekend. That coupled with finals for college was enough to just about snap me. I was talking to someone on the phone about it and basically was just freaking out about how mad I was that the son of a bitch decided to fuck with me again....

In any case, for some unknown reason, at the last minute I didn't buy it. I decided to give this car one last go. I'll be tearing it down once again, getting my hands fucking bloody once again, with coolant stands and oil to match. I'm going to totally revamp the cooling system so it can hold up to any stress I through at it. I will be installing either a koyo or fluidyine radiator, taking out every fucking rubber hose and throughly checking them, replacing thermostat, running compression check for possible BHG due to the amount of overheating.

This is it, the cars last dance. If it fucks with me any more after this, goodbye 7M, hello 2JZ.
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