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*EDIT- Ebay has beat me once again-they've got 'em for just over 150 so I'll sell for $150 shipped*
Sorry for not putting this in "for sale-parts etc." but it won't get the right type of people who might be interested. I've got one lying around, retail was over $500. has 'em for $4XX. It was used for under 6mo. in a Dodge spirit IASCA SPL competitor (2-18's, 3-12's).
Have box, but no manual! Asking $200-
EQ/CD player Add-on for Ai-net
* Digital Servo
* Music Sensor Up/Down
* Forward/ Backward
* Disc Play/ Pause
* M.I.X. (Random Play)
* Music Scan
* Repeat
* Elapsed Time Display
* CD Text
* CD Text Display
* CD Text Scroll
* Regulated 1-Bit DAC
* 8x Oversampling
* 3 PreOuts
* Preamp Fader
* DHE (Digital Harmonics Enhancer)
* Sound Guide
* Operation Indicator
* Swing Face
* Anti-Theft Detachable Front Panel
* Gold-Plated RCA Connectors
E-mail me [email protected] Gotta sell this soon!
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