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Hey what's happenin' folks? '90 Mk3 7M-GTE owner here. Recently installed a new water pump, ps/alt/water pump belts, and the Driftmotion 6061-ALU lightweight pulley set for the aforementioned belts.

At the time of installation I was limited to my phone, wifi, and a strict time constraint as I was using the shop at work on my day off. I had trouble finding the torque specs for the alternator, power steering, and water pump pullies. So I just torqued each pulley down as hard as I could with with a ratchet. And at my desktop now, utilizing Google and this site's search function, I have not had any luck finding the correct torque specs for each pulley.

Would someone be so kind as to provide to me those torque specs? I dug through the TSRM and came up empty handed as well. Ctrl+F'd every section for keyword "torque" and nothing of relevance appeared.

Note: I noticed some minor wobble in the new pulleys and I am wondering if it is because I didn't torque them correctly, or because they just aren't 'perfectly' manufactured and have minor wobble due to manufacturing design on Driftmotion's part. Either way, need the correct torque specs to help narrow things down.

Also noticed my crank pulley slightly wobbles. Heard too many horror stories of that thing wobbling it's merry way off. 195-ft/lbs for that I am aware. Just hope the key/keyhole and crank aren't screwed up. Will re-torque in attempt to reduce/eliminate wobble.

Thanks for any input in advance.
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