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I would appreciate if anyone could help me out with the trouble I'm having. I apologise for the long post but it helps explain the whole situation.

I have just moved the fuse box from the engine bay to the boot. Before then I had just put on a 175A PHR alternator. A little while after that whenever I gave the car some big revs all the error lights on the dash would come on (Low oil, cat converter battery light etc). To reset them I had to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, start back up and the car would run perfectly. With the lights on the dash the alternator wasn't charging the battery. Figuring it was from too small of a charge cable I thought I'd change it when I moved the fuse box.

Have now moved the fuse box, upgraded the charge wire to 250A cable and tidied up some engine bay wiring. New problem, upon starting the car with the charge lead on and the 3 pin plug plugged into the alternator all the lights on the dash are on straight away when the car is idling. Turn the car off, disconnect the battery and start it back up with the charge wire off and the 3 pin plug out and it doesnt have any lights come on the dash. Connect the charge wire back up, start the car with the 3 pin plug unplugged and no lights on the dash are on, plug the 3 pin plug in and they light up straight away.

When the dash lights are on the alternator still charges as checking the voltage at the battery in the boot on idle it is at 14.5v.

Anyone have any ideas?

Car is a '93 USDM RZ 6 Speed
Link/Vipec ECU, ID1000, Hypertune, HKS T51R SPL. No longer have diagnostic plug on the engine loom so I am unable to check that.
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