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Alternator not Charging Battery?

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posted this on SM also...
My friends 87 t, will not charge his battery, we got a new optima redtop battery and a new remanufactered alternator from pepboys...and still its not charging? checked Fuses and visable wires/connections, everything seem fine.

Any ideas? will be workin on the car as early as possible to find this problem.
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This is going to sound icredibly dumb but...........
Is your belt on? I work at Advance Auto Parts and I can't tell you how many people come in with that problem. When I open the hood there's NO BELT!
lol, yes the belt is on.
I have the same issue with my red top also. My battery is usually DEAD is a couple of days after running the car, and I use a master disconnect! This is my 2nd red top and the first one just took a shit. Maybe get a trade in for the yellow top. Im gonna try it.
Get yourself a good voltmeter and check that it's 14.5V or so with the engine running and nothing on. If not, the voltage regulator is prolly dead.

I've heard many stories about rebuilt alternators and starters being DOA. You may get to trade in that one for another. If there's a Precision Alternator place around you, get one of theirs instead.

Yeah take that thing to Vatozone or Napa or someone that has the alternator testers there and can tell you if the alternator is actually doing it's job or not. I've had a handful of alternators and starters be bad as soon as I put them on cars. Now when I buy them I have them tested before I even put them on the car.
good stuff, thx guys will get it tested asap.
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